The University of Waikato Arts Sculpture Trail

ACT was contracted in 2020 to provide the University of Waikato with a virtual self-guided art sculpture experience via our content delivery platform. This was to be delivered by November 16th to align with the University’s “Boon Street” festival.

Within the scope of the project ACT provided script and audio for 15 points of interest (POI) sharing piece specific information that also related to the University. ACT also provided an in-App map for the Boon Street artworks and were integrated into the University of Waikato App. The final trail is now available and accessible on Android and iOS operating devices. ACT have also provided all research done with regards to the POIs via a shared drive.

Outside the scope of the project ACT also conducted video interviews with Donn Ratana (sculpture trail artist) and have provided the raw footage, audio and edited versions via a shared drive.

UoW Scupture Trail Phase One Highlights:

  • UoW Sculpture Trail is the first trail delivered by ACT that has both indoor and outdoor POI.
  • UoW Sculpture Trail has the longest audio and most comprehensive researching of each POI presented by ACT to date.
  • UoW Sculpture Trail was the fastest full project turnaround ever executed by ACT. Sign-off was 25 August 2020, completion was formally 20 November 2020, totalling a 2 month and 26 day (87 days) turnaround.
  • Gathering first hand content from Donn Ratana to support Vernon records of UoW artworks in varying formats.
  • The walking trail and wine trail were excellent methods of raising awareness of the tour and in turn bolstering the project objective to activate the campus and provide information on the campus art pieces.

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