Download Arataki Cultural Trails App

How to use Arataki Cultural Trails app and the SMM virtual cultural guide

Download and install the Arataki Cultural Trails (ACT) app to your smart phone (as per above).

Launch the ACT app on your device.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the remoteness of Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, it is important to perform the following steps whilst you are either in cellular coverage, or connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Follow the steps outlined below:

Tap STORIES button (circled in red)

In the search field, type “smm” (without the ” “)

Tap the Download icon (indicated in green) to download each of the 5 available SMM stories

Your screen should look like the below screenshot, once all stories have been downloaded:

Pinch and zoom on the Home screen map to navigate to the SMM virtual guide in-app

Tap on POI (represented by Teal pins).

Click “allow”

Click “Scan” button to access QR code scanner

Place QR code inside the viewfinder rectangle to scan it

POI audio (story) will activate following successful QR code scan!

Enjoy the story 🙂

Use headphones or earbuds for the best user experience.

We hope you enjoy the SMM virtual cultural guide!