VACANCY: Administration Assistant INTERN at Arataki Systems

Do you want to get experience in the tech industry but can’t commit to 40 hours sitting in an office each week? Do you have family/study/life commitments that limits your pūtea and you can’t find a flexible role to suit? A bit shy on the “experience” front, but have the drive and passion to succeed if you were given the chance?

We have a full-time fixed-term contract open to a motivated person who needs job flexibility and would like to gain experience working for one of the best and most well known companies in the Māori Tech sector.

What is the role?

This is a 6 month fixed term contract for an Administration Assistant INTERN working 35 flexible hours per week for Arataki Systems. This is a role you can do from home and does NOT have set times, days or hours. Understanding of Māori culture, te Reo and Tikanga is an asset. This is quite important to us given the storytelling mahi we do, so kudos if you can bring knowledge and experience of Te Ao Maori with you.

Did you mention pūtea?

Yep, $20 per hour (less tax). Admittedly not the highest pay bracket, but we can make up for this by allowing you to have flexible work times that suit your schedule, not ours. We’re also pretty cool people (so we’ve been told) so you’ll get to hang out with us too which is a bonus!

What experience do I need?

Well, that’s just the thing. Unlike every other ad asking for 5 years experience in a managerial position for an international firm, a doctorate degree in rocket science and 50 years life experience in a 20 year old for an entry level role – we’re more interested in where you want to be rather than where you have come from.

That said, you will need your own computer, a reliable internet connection, and be efficient in word processing software like Word/Google docs as well as email. We also work across varied systems like Excel/Google sheets, PowerPoint/Slides, Adobe CreativeSuite (Photoshop, InDesign, Audition), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Trello, Hubspot (CRM) as well as others – so knowing these will help you grab the reins faster, but aren’t knowledge requirements.

Who is Arataki? Check us out at

We are a 100% Māori owned company (and super proud of this fact!) that is passionate about sharing our stories and culture by using technology in innovative ways. Our vision is to bridge the cultural gap between communities. However, the main thing is, why we are.

We are a group of Māori entrepreneurs that wanted more work/life balance, to be able to follow our dreams without compromising time with our whānau. We weren’t content with the generic 9-5 way of life where the best hours of our days went to a giant corp and not into things we actually care about. We staunchly believe Māori not only have a place in the future of the tech industry, but will become leaders in the tech and innovation space. This is a big part of our why.


Send us your CV and a cover letter letting us know a bit about you, where you want to be, and why this role would suit you. We’re not going to lie, we want to give this role to someone who needs it and who has strong ambitions for their future but may not have been given the opportunity.

We genuinely want you to succeed so if you’ve read this far and are still interested, send your info to us at:

Ngā mihi nui!