We have over a decade of experience in the Māori storytelling space.

10 years ago our CEO founded a kaupapa (initiative) called Te Reo Wainene o Tua. A collective of Māori storytellers that deliver events based programmes around NZ in an effort to revitalise pūrākau (ancient stories) and normalise te Reo Māori. This is where Lee developed a deep passion for storytelling.

Te Reo Wainene o Tua were proud to receive the Hapori (community) award in the Nga Tohu Reo Maori awards 2019.

Our expertise and experience within the Māori storytelling space is extensive. We have seen first hand the benefits of using storytelling as a powerful medium to educate and inform our young people and wider communities. We have seen the connection made between storyteller and tamaiti (child) literally hundreds of times through the mode of storytelling. We like to call this the “golden moment”. We’re on a mission to share this golden moment with as many people as possible at as many locations as possible around NZ and indeed the globe.


We have extensive networks within the Maori storytelling space, having worked with many of NZ’s finest pukorero (storytellers) over the past two decades.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have formed and maintain with our storytellers. This provides us with access to a network of highly skilled and experienced storytellers and Maori language experts.

Storytelling & Tech

Our passion for storytelling combined with our love of technology is why we exist.

Authentic place-based storytelling is important to us because it provides the opportunity for our communities to learn about the many stories embedded in our land. Whether it be a story about a maunga (mountain), awa (river) or waahi (culturally significant site), placed-based storytelling can be an incredibly powerful tool to help inform and educate.

We use technology to share cultural narrative at places of significance around NZ. In using tech, we make these stories more accessible to the general public. And what better place to deliver these stories than at the site where it happened, a truly immersive experience.